Reduces Maintenance & Lasts for Years!

Wipe New is proud to introduce our new Wipe New Professional Marine formula, the world’s longest lasting product for restoring and protecting marine surfaces. Wipe New Marine takes many of the same principles that have made our nano-polymer line of automotive products so successful, and adapts them to perform best in a Marine environment. Wipe New Marine restores faded fiberglass and gel coated surfaces to brand new condition and keeps them that way, with a simple, wipe-on application. After coating your boat with Wipe New Marine, you’ll never have to wax, buff, or polish your boat again to bring that surface back to new condition. The results you will see with your Wipe New application will last for years.

Restore Fiberglass and Gel Coated Surfaces in Less Time!

Available sizes: 500ml, 1 Litre.

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Wipe New Metals

Easily restores lustre to dull Metal Surfaces

Protects against corrosion, hard & salt water and weathering.

Wipe New Upholstery

Restores Vinyl and Plastics to Showroom Condition

Protects against fading, cracking, salt water and weathering.