Trim Restore

Wipe New’s unique nano-polymer formula is the World’s Longest Lasting Solution for Restoring and Protecting your Vehicle! As of 2013, Wipe New Trim Restore has become the #1 Selling Trim Restore product in the USA, and in early 2014 was rated as the “Best Exterior Trim Cleaner” by the leading Consumer Magazine! For customer testimonials search: #wipenew WipeNewBox

Until now, keeping your car looking like new involved applying and reapplying costly silicone based products, wasting tons of money and valuable time for only temporary cosmetic results. But now, with Wipe New®, those days are over!

Wipe New® is the revolutionary breakthrough solution for restoring a showroom new look to your vehicle’s interior and exterior! Wipe New® is safe and effective to use on plastic, rubber, chrome, vinyl, leather, acrylic, ceramic and metallic surfaces. Wipe New® not only restores the original sheen to faded interior and exterior trim, it protects most surfaces* from sun exposure, road salt, water spots, tree sap, and other harsh elements that eventually wear away that showroom new appearance. The Wipe New® unique formula works like no other to restore your vehicle’s trim in one quick, easy application and protect it with a durable finish that will last for years! With Wipe New®, a little goes a long way – 44 ml is enough to treat the interior or exterior of the average mid-sized car! Plus, Wipe New® doesn’t have to be reapplied every time you clean your vehicle – it lasts season after season, so not only do you save money on other products, you also save valuable time!

Package includes:

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With Wipe New™, you simply apply it to your car once and it will keep it looking showroom new! The nano-polymer formula penetrates deep and binds to the surface to restore showroom luster to faded.


  • How much Wipe New® is needed for my vehicle? Open or Close

    With Wipe New®, a little goes a long way. Since you only apply Wipe New® in a single wipe across the surface with very little overlap, 44 ml is enough, in most cases, to treat the interior or exterior of an average mid-sized vehicle. If the surface is badly faded and/or porous, a second application may be needed for the best effect.

  • Do I have to wear gloves when using Wipe New®? Open or Close

    We recommend wearing the included gloves when applying Wipe New® because once dry it can be difficult to remove from your skin, and may also be slightly irritating to some people.

  • What is the purpose of the Headlight prep pad? Open or Close

    The Headlight prep pad is used to remove heavy oxidation from the lens before applying Wipe New®. Simply rub the green side of the pad onto the lens in a back and forth motion, then rinse with water and dry. The pad has a very fine 2000 grit sand surface that gently removes the oxidation without damaging the acrylic. After prepping the Headlight, apply Wipe New® according to package directions.

  • What is the purpose of the applicator brush? Open or Close

    The sponge tip of the applicator brush will allow you to touch up small nooks and crannies around your Headlights, grill inserts, rear view mirrors, interior HVAC vents, and other hard to reach areas. Simply dip the sponge tip into your Wipe New® bottle and apply in the desired area.

  • What are the differences between the microfiber cloths? Open or Close

    The two yellow cloths included in your Wipe New® Pro Detailing kit are specially designed to fit inside the palm of your hand for a better controlled application. The red cloth is slightly larger and can be used to apply Wipe New® to Headlights or other surfaces. Both cloths allow for better absorption without waste, fraying or excess lint that can mess up your application; each will produce the same result so you can use the cloth that you find works best for your need.

  • What if I start applying and have to stop? Can I start again later? Will the results match? Open or Close

    Once you start applying Wipe New® to a surface, we recommend that you complete that entire surface before stopping (for example, if you start treating a bumper, finish the entire bumper before stopping). Stopping and starting again later on the same surface may, in some cases, lead to a visible difference in the final result due to variations in humidity, light, temperature, and other factors. If you must stop and start again later, try to stop at inconspicuous spot on the surface.

  • What if it rains after I apply Wipe New®? Open or Close

    Wipe New® must cure for 24 hours prior to being exposed to any type of moisture including rain, puddles, dew, sprinklers, car washes, mist, etc. If a treated surface gets wet prior to the end of the 24 hour curing period, spotting or streaking may occur. We recommend keeping your vehicle in a garage or other covered area. Another option is to cover it with a car cover. Plastic disposable car covers may be available for purchase for a nominal fee from your local auto parts store.

  • Will Wipe New® damage my clothes? Open or Close

    Wipe New® contains no dyes, however, it does harden as it dries and may damage your clothing.

  • Can I use Wipe New® on glass or mirrored surfaces? Open or Close

    Wipe New® may create a “wavy” effect on glass or mirrored surfaces. If Wipe New® accidentally comes in contact with these types of surfaces, wipe it off immediately. Application to glass or mirrored surfaces is not an approved use for Wipe New® and the Wipe New® Protection Guarantee is not extended to the use of Wipe New® on glass or mirrored surfaces.

  • Can Wipe New® be used on clear coat painted surfaces? Open or Close

    With proper surface preparation and application by a professional detailer in a proper setting, Wipe New® can be very effective on clear coat painted surfaces such as that on most motor vehicles. However, if the surface is not first thoroughly prepared applying Wipe New® will cause the finish to appear streaked. Application to a painted surface is not an advertised use for Wipe New® and is done so at the vehicle owner’s sole risk. Wipe New®’s Protection Guarantee does not extend to the use of Wipe New® on painted surfaces.

  • How can I remove Wipe New® from a painted surface? Open or Close

    Although it is more easily removed if wiped from undesirable surfaces immediately, cured Wipe New® can be removed from paint using a small amount of polishing compound. We recommend that you apply the compound to a microfiber cloth then work it into the affected area in a circular motion. With a little time and effort the compound will remove Wipe New® from the surface, and you can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining compound residue. Use your preferred polish or wax to restore the shine to the affected area.

  • How long will Wipe New® last after it's applied to the surface? Open or Close

    Wipe New® is guaranteed to last for two years on most surfaces, but may require reapplication over time to surfaces that are regularly exposed to oils from the skin and/or friction such as vinyl/leather car seats, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, etc.

  • Can Wipe New® be removed from the surface after it has cured/dried? Open or Close

    You can use extremely fine high-grit sandpaper (such as 2000 or 3000 grit) to sand the surface and remove Wipe New®.

  • Why does the surface look streaked while/immediately after applying Wipe New®? Open or Close

    When Wipe New® begins to dry on the applicator cloth, streaking may occur during application. Make sure that the cloth is completely saturated and stays wet during the entire application process; the dry surface of the cloth should never touch a treated surface post-application. Streaking may also occur on surfaces that have not been thoroughly prepped (cleaned with soap and water, free of greases/oils and dust particles). Finally, if the treated surface is exposed to moisture within 24 hours of application; streaking may occur.

  • Can I apply Wipe New® to a fiberglass surface? Open or Close

    Yes. Wipe New® will restore shine to the surface, protect it from UV damage, and make it easier to clean. If there is any UV damage underneath the existing gel/clear coat, then Wipe New® will not remove it. Before applying, ensure the surface is thoroughly cleansed and allowed to dry completely, and protect the surface from moisture for 24 hours post-application.

  • Is there a product available to clean oxidation before using Wipe New®? Open or Close

    As we do not carry a product to remove oxidation, we suggest that you prep and clean your fiberglass vehicles as you would normally do. Wipe your hand across the surface to make certain that there is no residue left. Before you apply Wipe New® (test in an inconspicuous spot); make sure the surface is completely DRY. Apply in indirect sunlight and protect the surface from moisture for 24 hours post-application.